Is There a Shadowy Group of Elite Persian Perverts behind the Homosexual Zionist Mafia? Shamubeel Eaqub- Expert


Featured Image – Shamubeel Eaqub – Expert – & one of New Zealand’s top Pakistani taxi driver immigrants done good. Now refers to himself as an ‘independent’ e-con-no-money-ist. Hasn’t as yet commented on the fact that New Zealand has now become the new age liberal equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah, ie, a Pimpocracy where by you have to suck cock to get to the top. Dude does have an ass like Kim Kardashian on him though. In fact we should look into that, another day. Kim is of course one of these shape shifting Persian snake elite transvestites, but we doubt very much he is playing the part of some half ass NZ e-con-no-money-ist bullshit artist. In truth, we also don’t know if Chaka Khan here is a Parki, or was a taxi driver, couldn’t find any history on him, as per usual, so just a wild guess. And there are of course some very pleasant recent arrival taxi drivers in NZ also – just not the cunts that go on to wear suits and help sell mortgages for the foreign / Persian owned banks. Erm…..Media Whores is seeking further comment…..


Is there a shadowy group of elite Persian pervert sex offenders behind the Zionist Homosexual mafia?

Yes. Hands down. Absolutely.

Media Whores has tried to point this out quite frequently in our various rants and ramblings

Knowledge is Power. In fact the only source of power. Or the knowledge provides the means to harness power might be a more accurate statement. An obvious example being those who know what time of the year is best to plant their weed, will best harness the natural power of the Sun. Or those who have the knowledge on how to rig up their solar power system will best be able to harness the same. Or those who know how or where to test for oil beneath the Earth’s surface will most likely end up harnessing the power/ energy of the oil.

Thus those with the most knowledge will invariably have, or at least end up with the most power.

And thus to find out who has the most power on this particular Plane, one needs to follow the knowledge.

Across the Western World we suffer – indeed are constantly being genocided – due to a lack of knowledge.

And it can’t be ignored that as NZ starts to experience the highest inequality, poverty, drug addiction and child prostitution rates we have ever seen – we also suddenly have more Kebab and related takeaway shops than we have ever seen – and usually on the most expensive downtown streets also it should be noted. Statistics that Sugar Ass (the independent expert above)  seems to have somehow missed in his fine work.

The keepers of the knowledge of old – which is essentially the very same knowledge that applies to this day – still hold the power to this day.

And whilst it is most popular to blame the Jew – something we have certainly quite enjoyed over recent years – there are many experts out there that will tell you that the creepy Jews themselves serve a higher master – that being a shadowy group of perverted Persian elite families.

Actually Jungle Surfer has said the same at one stage – that the Jews are essentially the worker bees and accountants for these Persian perverts, and that they get hang out to dry every time they make too much trouble and share too much knowledge, or just go off script and start causing trouble. Some videos below.

Bonacci maintains the same argument and actually goes so far as to name these Persian perverts in the videos below. The House of Medici controls all media and medicine industry word wide – all of which is bullshit and fake we should add, fake news, fake science, fake diseases, fake medicines to sell. The House of Orisni – or little red bear – is in fact the Rothschild family – or red child – who are your new age homosexual  Zionist elites. The Pallavicini family owns the Vatican and thus Christianity and Islam incorporated, which they franchise around the World as a means of divide and conquer.

And it is these same elite Persian pervert families that control the money supply.

That being a more common term of phrase – fellow the money. Well, if you have the knowledge, then you will have the power, and rest assured you will then have the money, so it is the exact same saying in effect.

Whether you subscribe to the ‘It’s the Jews’ theory, or this ‘elite Pervert Persian’ theory – it makes little or no difference at the end of the day. Regardless, what we should all be focused on is the issue of our current state of Babylonian styled servitude to this shadowy group of perverts, which is due quite simply to our collective ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Across the West – we are currently fed a never ending stream of bullshit, all of it made up by these same Persian elites and their Jewish servants (/or masters), mostly via the corporate media, and also by our corporate owned Governments, and thus the education system, the hell-th system, the financial system and on and on.

New Zealand and indeed all other Western nations will never free themselves of this wholesale slavery until we start to figure out and learn the knowledge that is hidden from us. Albeit hidden in plain sight.

This knowledge can be traced back over 700,000 years , but what these criminals give us (the Goy slaves) instead is fake history, fake science, half ass religions and similar fairy tales such as NASA and the war of terror, coupled with a poisoned food supply of blood, starch and chemical additives, to keep us all dumbed down and thus in a constant state of ignorance and resulting servitude. Now culminating in a system in which we all pay 60% net taxes for the privilege of being slaves in our own Nations and getting to work in one of their corporate slave factories, while the new age Zionist corporate elites all operate in a tax free glow-ball environment, owning luxury properties on every continent which they then fly to in their tax deductible private jets – with the proviso that if they ever so much as send out one Tweet admitting that the Earth looks a little bit flat from the window of their luxury aircraft, they will lose it all overnight. And as long as they keep their side of these unwritten deals, they are rewarded with all the meth, children, teenagers and virgin blood they can drink.

It is of course high time that we all – across the West – decided to evolve/ grow up and become adults, thus taking responsibility for ourselves and our respective Nations, by forming new tax free republics, free of the Rothschild / Orini Family central banks and their accompanying global corporate slave system.

And this will be done – for there is no other way to go.

That said, the USA is already a Republic – and those who know the actual law, as opposed to the Phoenician legal /eagle system, already know how to operate tax free. The Americans just need to collectively revert back to their existing constitution, and shake off these ridiculous left/right paradigm Zionist transvestite actors such as Donald Trump and Heath Ledger / Obama.

Indeed the tax free New Zealand Republic has already been formed – but admittedly needs a little work. Perhaps a bit less time exposing all of the new age liberal perverts, blood drinkers and perverts that are currently running the show, and a little bit more time on actual policy. Would be a worthwhile NY re/solution.

And the new age liberal Phoenicians shall still be free to run their global corporations here in the new Republic – let’s face it they are very good at it – but Kiwis will not be the ones funding their ongoing record profits and lavish lifestyles thats all.

We are not your slaves cunts. Or not for very much longer at least. Best start building it into your budgets.

Your diet of bullshit, blood, sugar and never ending entertainment is going to be severed, like the head of Medusa.

Oh yeah – and Chaka Khan is invited to comment below also…….All open and honest debate is encouraged in the new Republic (not to be confused with ‘the new Jerew-Asylum’).

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