The Media Whores ‘Most Corrupt C@nt of the Year Award’ – 2018



Well, it was a another tough decision, but the Media Whores ‘Most Corrupt C@nt of the Year Award’ 2018 has to go to Judge Kevin Phillips of Queenstown.

Awarded The Most Corrupt C@nt in New Zealand 2018, to go along with his recent prize of being NZ’s Most Corrupt and degenerate Judge.

Judge Kevin Phillips is alleged to have started out his career as your average corrupt Bar Association ‘Criminal’ Lawyer/ Liar in the Otago region, conspiring to steal property then intimidate and harass locals who exposed his criminal behavior, working his way up the corporate snake ladder to be awarded the position of local judge, presumably so that the Queenstown and Wanaka based elite snakes could all rely on him to help cover up and/or pay off their relentless pedophilia and other crime.

As we all know, the elite Zionist homosexuals and the Persian money lending snakes that bribe and control them, plan things many years in advance, and it seems quite obvious now that these same snakes were planning to invade and settle in the Queenstown Lakes district, much the same as these relentless pedophiles and international drug traffickers did in the Swiss Alps a few centuries ago. Obviously they knew they would need one of NZ’s most corrupt judges in place by the time they arrived so as to be protected from the peaceful and law abiding people of NZ.

Recent years has seen the arrival of Peter Thiel, the blood drinking vampire Jew with the personality of a boiled potato, but rather good acting skills, who now plays the role/ part of ‘Jacinda Ardern’ – the feel good face of redhead Zionist/ Nazi fascism and associated child sex and drug trafficking. Thiel was granted NZ citizenship illegally and still remains in NZ – based in the Queenstown region – no doubt with the full protection of judge Kevin Phillips, the local corrupt judge.

And of course Kim Blot Slob who arrived some years earlier, along with the meth and John the Zionist Jew Key, bribing his way into the Nation also, then staging a half assed raid on his home, with the help of his meth addict security entourage, the corrupt NZ police, and the child porn and meth addicted NZ judiciary whom he seems to now completely control as together they stage never ending tax payer funded court hearings in his honor.

Sam Morgan has also taken refuge down in Wanaka, in the safety of the corrupt judge Kevin Phillips controlled region, having successfully internet scammed Kiwis into supporting what remains as NZ’s number 1 monopoly marketplace, still unregulated by the tax payer funded / toothless Commerce Commission, which he then sold to offshore investors, who doubled and then quadrupled all of the pricing, stiffing Kiwis ever since while running endless ‘feel good’ campaigns about how ‘Kiwi’ we all are – as they collectively rape us all up the bottom on a daily basis.  Not to mention now banning people if they complain about it. Trade Me CEO Jon MacDonald being another child sex enthusiast snake that has narrowly avoided nomination

Further Allegations Trade Me’s Jon MacDonald is a Serial Child Sex Offender

Judge Kevin Phillips appears to now be going about turning Queenstown and the Otago Lakes region into a safe zone Pedophile’s Playground for corrupt foreign Zionist rich lister criminals. Or just Jews to be frank. Or fake Jews if you prefer. Which is of course the goal for the entire South Pacific as these same inbred elite pedophiles becoming more and more unwelcome in the other regions and Nations they have been gang rapping and drinking blood in of late.

Judge Kevin Phillips is apparently also now helping conspire to unlawfully and corruptly organize the kidnapping of those who expose him, as well as the theft of their property.

And thus, despite all of these other much bigger C@nts we have detailed, it is Judge Kevin Phillips who takes out the prize this year – for his work in apparently helping to protect them all – a deliberate and seemingly very well planned course of ongoing Treason against NZ and Kiwis which should eventually land him in a forced organic labour camp for the rest of his sorry days, with all of his assets seized and distributed among those he has conspired to rob and/or deceive. If found guilty of such allegations in the coming Common Law courts of the new tax free Republic.

Judge Kevin Phillips – you are a top class C@nt…and NZ’s Most Corrupt C@nt of 2018


Note –  as previously explained – a C@nt is simply someone who can’t. In Kevin judge Phillips case this means he simply can’t be honest or keep his oath of office…and thus should be in jail…along with the rest of these filthy corrupt c@nts. 

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