Purple = Satanism – Stop Wearing Purple #TOS


Featured Image – Terry Bellamak, satanist…..another redhead with died hair. 


Satanism – child sacrifice (including abortion), animal sacrifice/ blood sacrifice, anal sex, the sexualization of children and pedophilia, child sex trafficking, meth, heroin, other hard drugs, anti depressants, most other medications, chemotherapy/ flesh burning, Tinder, Grinda, porn, factory farmed animals, and on and on.

And the leaders of the Satanist movement are all now starting to wear purple – showing you who they are.

Which is handy for the rest of us at least….

Keep a look out for the colours of Yahu/ Satan…now all around us……and clearly identifying the Satanists that live among us….

The Tall Red Head ‘Homeless’ Jew who Runs the Meth on Auckland’s K Road


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