The Purple People Eaters – Joel Macmanus & the Colours of Yahu Saturn #TOS #TheyLive


Featured Image – Joel Macmanus, sometimes spelled McManus by Stuff and others.


Popular summer holiday reading it would seem – 49,000 + views on this one in 48 minutes. Possibly a new record…..Hopefully Kiwis are starting to catch on……

Joel Macmanus shows off his colours of Yahu/ Saturn in every shot. What are the odds?

And his one article on Media Whores has been placed at the very top of Google’s ‘advanced mathematical algorithms’, with the actual Media Whores website with over 1000 articles, most with hundreds of thousands of views, placed on page 2.

All of our articles on Joel have been removed off search also. (Still available in Google Images though)

But there is no ‘conspiracy’.

Joel McManus of The Spin Off & Critic – the Satanist Vampire Shape Shifters Conspiracy

And another one of these transvestite agenda pushing media whores of course

Updates on the ‘debunked’ Pizza Gate Conspiracy – with Joel MacM’Anus

This is some of Trample on Snakes finest work below – it’s a Purple World folks Many of the TOS videos have been hidden – in New Zealand at least – every time we go back, there are more that have appeared. He is up to #400 and something so about half of them seem to be hidden. All will be revealed – when Google and Youtube decide so.

Did anyone pick up on Jungle Surfers comment in yesterdays videos when he said “That’s flesh and blood. if you believe in the shape shifting you will believe anything”? What he really meant to say was “I’m still on the flesh and blood diet, and thus am still a bit stuck in the 3 dimensions theory”.

The theory seems to be that these are the ones who eat children’s flesh. Not saying Joel does of course, just pointing out that he is always showing off the colours …..and always pushing his gay sex agenda on kids as well. Seems to tick a lot of the boxes doesn’t? And another heavily protected ‘asset’ by the mainstream media and the likes…..

Media Whores is seeking further comment from the following purple sporting ‘leaders’….


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