Exclusive – Israel’s Giant Meth Factories Exposed


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Israel’s giant meth factories exposed.

Actually they are Russian, really. Russian Jews set up and run Israel – with help from German Jews and Jews from around the World.

And meth is the means of taking over and destroying the West. In case you haven’t noticed yet.



“A frightening read in that it lays out exactly what we are living with today. The Author, a former KGB operative, defector, lays out in detail the art of disinformation. He details the history, how the communists used it, gives historical examples and helps one understand the problem we face every day. The value of reading this book is to see how ‘disinformation’ is used in our lives today.”


Brendon O’Connell – still struggling with the shape of the planet he lives on, as detailed in his precious Bible, which he doesn’t seem to have read – but still, the best geopolitical analysis we have come across

“Those nuclear reactors are meth factories”….

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