The Economics of an Income Tax Free Republic


The economics of an income tax free Republic is very simple

There is already a system of user pays that has been built around you. You are paying taxes every time you step out the door. GST, fuel taxes etc. You are even paying taxes for the privilege of sitting inside your own home (rates).

Coupled with all of the additional sales taxes on top of GST, such as the tobacco, alcohol and fuel taxes, these user pays based taxes are more than enough to run the Nation – everything else is theft and is simply being used to fund a corrupt/ useless system of government – filled with degenerate sex and drug addicts – whose only real purpose is to steal your money, which is then used to better enslave and regulate you.

Fuel taxes of 70c per liter more than covers all roads. They should be gold plated by now. That money is currently being stolen.

Tobacco and alcohol taxes more than cover health care. Once we get rid of all of the poisons in the food and water, chemotherapy and all of the other fake treatments for the various misdiagnosed diseases, those taxes will more than cover health care for the entire Nation.

Schools? They are little more than daycare and baby sitting operations run by the State who then poison and brainwash your kids with toxic rubbish. If people want schools however, they are more than covered by the GST.

Superannuation? Why is it that workers now are funding retirees, when those same retirees have been paying taxes all of their life on the basis they were promised a superannuation when older? Because all of that money they paid in taxes has been stolen that’s why. And the corrupt foreign bank government will do it again as well. They have already shown they cannot be trusted with retirement planning or saving.  GST payments will more than cover superannuation payments in the meantime.

So thats schools and retirement payments. Covered by the current levels of GST.

The Universities? Self funding once we get rid of all the Jewish pseudo science degrees, such as psychology, LGBT studies… and politics.

Everything else is THEFT.

The number one cause of poverty and unemployment – is income taxes. Something the ‘experts’ will never admit to.

Why do we tax tobacco? So that people will smoke less.

So why do we tax incomes? So people will work less? That is the exact effect.

If two mates are sitting around on their sofa all week smoking meth and weed and playing video games, then one of those people goes out one week to work, then comes home with $1000 in his hand, tax free, the mate will take one look at that money and go out to work the week after. By removing the income taxes, the dole becomes less attractive/ competitive.

Same applies to an employer who has 2 part time staff –  once income taxes are gone, he can afford to hire 1 or 2 more.

Removing all income taxes soaks up the welfare system overtime.

Sure some people may need some help at times to get by – again covered by their GST payments.

In fact everyones’ GST payments should be kept and allocated for them alone to use – either in the hospitals, schools, in retirement, or when they are out of work.

The corporate elites have built a system around us whereby they operate globally in an almost tax free / tax haven environment – while the slaves of the nations they now control (by bribing all of our media, MP’s and political parties) are expected to pay 60-70 net taxes for the privilege of living here.

This must change

It is time to remove ALL income taxes from those who work.

If there is a shortfall, then it will be the banks or the large corporates who make up the difference – not workers.

The Republic will also be activating the NZ Treasury for its actual purpose – that being the creation of our own money – most likely in the form of NZ Republic Bonds. We will no longer borrow the counterfeit / inflationary money from the Rothschild controlled central banking cartel.  The real value of an economy is in its resources and production, not the value of the currency it holds. There is no change to NZ’s current levels of production or its natural resources when you change the currency.

It is time NZ grew up and ousted these globalist / corporate degenerates – before they make it mandatory to be vaccinated and have gay sex.

In the NZ Republic you are fully within your rights to trade (within NZ) as you deem fit – not least with your own labour. And this is none of the ‘Governments’ business – on the proviso that you are adhering to the laws of the Republic – namely “Do no harm”.

Let’s do this 😉










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