There is No Legal System in the New Zealand Republic


There is no legal system in the tax free New Zealand Republic

The Bar Association – which includes all judges – are a private corporate gang of thugs. Drug traffickers and child sex traffickers who trade off the full legal name on your birth certificate – in outright defiance of the laws printed in the same Bibles they keep in their court rooms / Synagogues and make you ‘swear’ on.

Your birth certificate / full legal name is Crown/ Vatican copyrighted and owned. That means whenever you use that full legal name – you are their slaves and these criminals can do whatever they like with you. Take your kids, take your house, put you in jail for victimless ‘crimes’ etc.

Everything you register (Regis/ Royal) in that full legal name is also owned by the Crown/ Vatican – that is why they can make you pay taxes on it. You own a ‘title’ to the property, not the actual property. This includes your house, car etc. Even your children.

And here is the kicker – we are handing over everything we own as well as all of our God given / natural/ inherent rights…voluntarily. Simply by agreeing to sign and use that Crown owned full legal name.

The solution is very simple – never offer up your full legal name if you do not want to, and always sign everything/ anything with ‘V.C’ (which means Under Duress) if being forced to sign.

Kiwis need to learn the difference between their own private self – and the full name/ corporate trust that is their birth certificate.

Learning these basic skills of law (not legal) enables you to decide if and when you wish to deal with the Crown and their corrupt private corporate gang of thugs called the police, and when you do not wish to.

You can still use the services of the NZ police etc if you so choose – just learn how to do it properly / in the private. Until such time as we can wipe the old corrupt system out altogether and replace it with an honorable system of law instead.

You can still ‘own’ the titles to your home and vehicle etc – have insurance and a bank account and all that – if you so choose. You just sign everything with the words “Authorized Signatory” or A.R, and then include your common law name underneath. You are then still in the private with all of your natural rights reserved.

This is the solution to ALL private corporate/ Government corruption and theft. It can even be applied to your business dealings and takes you outside of the IRD’s jurisdiction.

Nobody has any authority over you – unless you give them that authority – or you have harmed them.

This basic knowledge about the law should of course be taught in schools – right after the alphabet is done – but it isn’t of course, it is carefully hidden and they teach NASA ballshit and gay sex instead – slave training…..for monkeys

The New Zealand Republic is Now Under Common Law




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