Will Chloe Swarbrick be New Zealand’s Next ‘Jewish’ Homosexual Lizard Dictator #TOS #THEYLIVE


Featured image – Chloe Swarbrick flashing the lizard tongue and 666 hand signals throughout her latest interview with another homosexual redhead reporter no less, as they discuss all the big issues for NZ, such as sex…and Netflix. Same reporter who covered the abortion protest outside parliament recently in fact. 


“You will know them by their tongues…and their gay sex” – King James Revised Edition 

Check it out – she’s got the lizard / snake tongue and the 666 tranny hand signals…It’s snakes on a plane alright folks – plane-T Earth…….

Full interview below


New Zealand has been conquered by homosexual Jews. Or those who seem to call themselves Jews at least. They all seem to be from holocaust ™ families and/or staunch / blanket supporters of the Jewish and Israeli causes.

Media Whores estimates that up to 80% of NZ MP’s are now either openly homosexual, secretly homosexual and in fake marriages, or bisexual and that 50% plus of them claim some ‘Jewish’ ancestry or have some type of holocaust survival story in the family or extended family.

This in a so called ‘democracy’ in which 90% + of the population are straight and non Jewish.

Save for one referendum on a stupid flag – the NZ public have not been given the chance to choose and adopt one policy in their own Country for the past 3-4 decades. All policy is now dictated by the government down to the people – examples include 1080, fluoride in the water, tobacco taxes and the end of smoking altogether, selling off assets, borrowing / debt, all and any taxes, TPPA, plastic bags, mass immigration, and on and on. The public decide none of it – it is all handed down via the various Global think tanks who all follow the Agenda 21 plan – that being of slowly killing off and replacing the population.

And because these spineless criminals posing as our leaders are actually just puppets of this larger globalist agenda and have no power, nor ideas, nor even any interest in actually serving Kiwis, what they do now instead is conduct endless interviews discussing sex…and what’s on Netflix.

This is called a Jewish homosexual corporate dictatorship. New Zealand now finds itself in the same situation as the USSR and Nazi Germany – whereby these same shady ‘Jewish’ elites now own and control almost everything – and we are their slaves.

Kiwis now pay around 60% net taxes on their incomes, once one totals their income taxes, GST, vehicle taxes, fuel taxes, tobacco taxes (billions) and booze taxes (billions more), ACC, health and safety taxes, fees and regulations, rates and on and on. Coupled with never ending inflation as we ship most of our food offshore and then reprice all the remaining food to match ‘International prices’, as well as a doubling of rents and house prices in most areas as well. Total economic slavery, in the name of complying to the whims and dictates of the off shore ‘Jewish’ money lenders.

New Zealand now has 3rd World child abuse rates, drug addiction rates, murder rates, homelessness, inequality and debt levels – all of which we have achieved since the introduction of ‘neo liberal’ economics – the latest con and catch phrase of the communist Jewish money lenders. While our politicians all sit around discussing their sexuality with the media. It is total madness and testimony to just how apathetic we have all become – like lamb to the slaughter.

It is in fact a program of genocide that the NZ Government have been running in New Zealand, on the orders of their foreign bank masters, with an estimated 500,000 Kiwis murdered and / or otherwise killed before their time over just the past 20 years due to NZ government policy – examples being retirement home death camp deaths, deaths from dodgy/ fake medications (like the heart meds and anti depressants), deaths in the under funded hospitals, deaths from the legal highs they pushed on teens and others, bone cancers and Alzheimers from the fluoride in the water, deaths from the governments new meth industry, deaths from homelessness, record year on year deaths on the roads, record year on year murders, record year on year child deaths and murders, deaths in the all new Serco jails, and God only knows how many deaths from our all new poisoned food supply, and soon from the chlorinated water also.

All NZ politicians of the past 30+ years should by rights be rounded up and chucked in forced organic labour camps while they are put in trial for genocide. Chloe Warbrick included.

It is truly revolting to watch these disgusting new age ‘liberal’ puppets swooning in front of the cameras making jokes and discussing what they do in their bedrooms – like any of us could give a shit – as Kiwis are being staved to death on the streets across the Nation, as well as forced out of their homes to make way for wealthier immigrants.

The 1980’s saw the arrival in NZ of the young KGB agent Vladimir Putin who was working with the younger Helen Clark (another homosexual redhead/ fake Jew) collecting the sexual secrets of NZ’s political and business leaders, so that they could promote and then bribe and control the very worst of them into all top positions of power, so as to make it easier to dictate these new policies (policing) to the NZ public. This of course started with Roger Douglas, alleged to be another of these homosexual pedophile types. And these ‘liberal’ pedophiles, perverts, homos, drug addicts and child abusers are now in most top levels of government and industry.

And we are now in the situation where almost all of our parliament, certainly most of the media and some say most of the judges as well – are controlled by these new age lunatic homosexual sex activists.

Kiwis have given up everything we once had – the quarter acre section and 3-4 kids on just one main income – owning or own assets and resources – to now being 100 odd billion in debt, having been made to sell everything off as well – with never seen before poverty and inequality – while these degenerate new age ‘liberals’ swoon around the place on their 160-300k tax payer funded salaries, plus perks, telling us all who they like to have sex with

Its like a scene out of Hunger Games.

But don’t worry – they are going to legalize cannabis – a plant that grows by itself in your backyard – so all is forgiven. You will not be allowed to grow it yourself of course, but will be able to buy the GM version from the Government and its agents, plus some extra taxes.

Chloe Swarbrick – you are pure filth – degenerate communist swine – and you will spend 10 years inside a labour camp if Kiwis are able to come together and oust you and your evil, degenerate co-conspirators. On the presumption you are not all just demons from the Pitt of course, in which case that is no doubt where you are headed back.



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