Allegations “….Queenstown Judge was a paedophile” – Canterbury DHB


Featured Image – the cross dressing Queenstown Judge Kevin Phillips – recently voted NZ’s  most corrupt and degenerate judge.. The link to this original image seems to have been removed from the internet – and our links to that source in previous articles seem to be now broken also. Old uncle Kev must have a whole online PR team out there trying to help protect his image. Have you considered just doing your job honestly Kev? Maybe go back and read that oath you swore to uphold the law. Would that be easier perhaps?  It is what we pay you for after all. 

Media Whores has today viewed a document form the Canterbury DHB which mentions allegations that “A Queenstown judge was a paeodphile”. Actually we first saw the statement yesterday. We print it below…..

Presumably they are referring to Queenstown judge Kevin Phillips.

We have certainly not said judge Kevin Phillips is/ or was a pedophile.

We have certainly called him a paedophile minder – the definition of which is someone who helps protect or look after the interests of pedophiles – that interest being the ability to sexually abuse children. Ourselves and others have very carefully covered the cases in which Judge Kevin Phillips appears to be protecting the interests of pedophiles in his court room. One such case involved the ‘statutory’ rape of an underage girl by a Queenstown rich lister family’s son. The man was ‘charged’ $10,000 by judge Kevin Phillips for that act of ‘statutory’ rape and then discharged without conviction and his name suppressed.

“A Southland teenager bought his way out of a criminal conviction for having sex with a minor, the 14-year-old victim’s mother said yesterday.

Her comments came after the 18-year-old was discharged without conviction for sexual connection with a young person, but ordered to pay $10,000 emotional harm reparation for the incident in June this year.

The identity of the youth, who was 17 at the time of the offence, cannot be revealed after Judge Kevin Phillips ordered permanent name suppression when the youth appeared in the Invercargill District Court on Monday. The youth had pleaded guilty but Judge Phillips set aside the plea.”

Here is the definition of “statutory”

  1. required, permitted, or enacted by statute.
    “statutory controls over prices”

As in – it is “required” that having sex with under age people is called rape. 

Obviously not if old Uncle Kev is presiding over the case however. ‘Statutory’ rape / pedophilia just becomes a rather expensive night out doesn’t it. Underage sex / pedophilia is up for sale in the Queenstown region it would seem, under old Uncle Kev.

This is the definition of a pedophile minder. And a professional pedophile minder at that. Running the ‘justice’ system down in Otago no less, which is hardly ideal we are sure readers agree. Well, readers with their own children who aren’t rich listers and not in any way into sex with kids perhaps.

There have been other cases of judge Kevin Phillips protecting pedophiles that we have covered as well…

Actually another common term is ‘child sex trafficker’ – which is clearly a crime…….

Judge Kevin Phillips Accused of (More) Child Sex Trafficking Crimes

But we never called Uncle Kev a pedophile himself.

It seems the Canterbury DHB have invented that allegation – and so the allegation seems to be theirs, not ours.

The man whom the NZ police kidnapped and then imprisoned at Hillmorton Hospital for 5 days – where he was offered hard drugs twice a day for the first 3-4 days, so as to better ‘prepare’ him for his eventual court hearing – was told by police that he had ‘made an online threat’, not called someone a ‘paedophile’. So they haven’t even got their stories straight. Hasn’t stopped them stealing a laptop and cell phone however – which the police stole in the unlawful raid and have still not returned. The man has written to police and there has been no reply. Almost like it never happened.

What a state we are in aye folks?

It is now the actual judges ordering the kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment of Kiwis because they do not like what is being said about them – namely those exposing their child sex trafficking and other dishonesty and crimes while in office.

This is just another crime by the corrupt judge Kevin Phillips to add to the long list. Here is another recent one…….keep in mind most of these violent criminals and drug addicts have suffered child abuse also – in some cases it is alleged by the actual judges and their partners also……

Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

The obvious question then becomes – how does a reasonable man of sound mind rule out that these fruitloop dishonest criminals are in fact all pedophiles? And that that is why we see these constant cover ups and reactions outside of the law they are employed (by us) to uphold?

Perhaps old Uncle Kev is indeed a paedophile? But we never said it ourselves. It would certainly explain his behaviour in the courtrooms.

Or maybe the entire justice system is run by pedophiles – for pedophiles? Would that help explain their constant cover ups and now these illegal and unlawful kidnappings and arrests they are engaging in? You have to admit it does reek of a level of desperation on the State’s part……

Would it not all be much simpler if these corrupt child sex enthusiast judges just did the job they are paid to do? That being to uphold the law…..

NZ’s Most Degenerate Judge – Kevin Phillips – Reign of Terror Continues….

Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design



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