Judge Kevin Phillips is Now Ordering the Kidnapping of Journalists Who Expose His Relentless Corruption


Featured Image – Otago Judge Kevin Phillips. Looks like a sloth, behaves like a dishonest degenerate swine. Tends to dribble at the mouth when speaking, and is known to ask his victims if they are married or single after he has convicted them. 

Well, it took us a while to get to the bottom of it – but the document below seems to confirm that it was the degenerate corrupt pedophile minding judge Kevin Phillips who ordered the illegal and unlawful kidnapping of a man loosely associated with Media Whores in October 2018.

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It states that a judge in Queenstown laid a (false) claim with police that someone had called him a pedophile online.

Actually what really happened is the man who looks after this domain name (along with 300 or so other domain names in NZ), had spent one hour on Google the night before his arrest mapping out freedom camping spots all the way down from Christchurch to Queenstown, and the next morning the police showed up and arrested him, stole his computer and cell phone and set bail conditions stating that he was not allowed to go to Queenstown.

The police stated initially that someone had made “an online threat” against someone in Queenstown – so the official story has changed somewhere along the lines.

The arrest was made under the new Digital harm legislation which seems designed to protect the pedophiles of our Nation – most of whom seem to be rich listers, doctors and MP’s and the likes.

The digital harm legislation makes it clear that Netsafe should get in touch in the first instance and try to negotiate the matter – not send out the police to kidnap someone, raid their home and steal their property.

At the police watch house – these pedophile ring minders sent in 3 shrinks who were promptly told they are pedophile minders and to fuck off, who then committed the man to 5 days at Hillmorton Hospital on the basis he was a “conspiracy theorist”. This appears to have been done o the orders of one Dr Katherine Shaw – another corrupt corporate whore.

Being a conspiracy theorist is now apparently grounds for a mandatory 5 day stint in the loony bin.

So we have government spying on journalists and their travel plans, a false complaint, with police, an unlawful arrest, unlawful search and seizure, theft of property, an unlawful DNA sample taken by threat of force, a corrupt shrink at the watch house, and a conspiracy between all of these pedophile minding freaks to illegally imprison those who expose them. All run by the actual justice system.

The case was then immediately dismissed in court when the man finally got to appear after his 5 day imprisonment at Hillmorton, where the corrupt quacks tried to push hard drugs on him twice a day for the first 3-4 days until finally giving up ie) they tried to drug him up before the court hearing.

Total lawlessness and corruption by these pedophile minding snakes. In plain sight for all to see.

It is called Freedom of the Press Phillips you filth. And freedom of speech – if we think you are corrupt low life filth, we will say it. And if you don’t like it, that’s tough luck for you. Try doing your job properly and and keeping your oath if you don’t like the reviews you are getting. Prick thinks he can rob, cheat and steal from other Kiwis, then simply lock them up if they speak out about it.

Dude will go down as one of the most corrupt pricks in NZ history.

Full story posted again below

Actually we still wouldn’t rule out that judge Kevin Phillips was just the corrupt half wit slob that fronted the whole operation. We still have the corrupt redhead QT district court manager Margaret McSweeney behind him, quite possibly pulling the strings, as well as Peter Thiel and Kim Dot Slob both still hiding out down in Queenstown illegally. All of them redheads it has to be noted. As well as a redhead cop who marched in to the Amberley police station to check up on the operation, then a redhead commander at the watch house who seemed very proud of himself, and a redhead cop who forced us out the door to the waiting cop car, and two redhead shrinks. So again a big redhead Nazi/ Zionist presence to this whole illegal state kidnapping operation.

One wonders just how bad things will get in NZ before this lawless gang of perverts and their lackeys are finally dethroned, rounded up and put in camps where they belong…….Or is it just back to the Pitt where they belong??

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