Larry David Invented the Polio Vaccine (Hoax) #TOS



Shit that one is worth repeating isn’t it.

Jude, Larry David invented the Polio vaccine / Polio hoax.

If you took the Polio vaccine – congrats, you got #Cucked.

They probably just poisoned entire town’s milk supplies with some joint debilitating chemical for a few months, then came along with the vaccines for ‘Polio’.

Last month we posted photos of this ‘doctor’ and noted he looked more like Peter Thiel before his adrenochrome/ children’s blood anti aging therapies. We pointed out that the Polio doctor seemed to be a different man as he got older. This is what these Judes do – they swap roles on the biggest hoaxes, to create confusion and allow the biggest criminals to disappear and morph into another role. Its called black magic folks – and they have been at it since Babylon came along…..You can see it is not the same man…..

The Mr Bond #Cucked song seems to have been blocked off Youtube……along with anything that even mentions the Jew. The internet will eventually just be a Jewish military tool – with everything real and true blocked on it…….

13 Signs You or a Loved One are Under Mk Ultra Mind Control – #Cucked

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