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Featured Image – Otago judge Kevin Phillips – poster boy for the new age degenerate swine running NZ and its justice system – recently voted NZ’s most corrupt degenerate judge, who is now also apparently ordering the State kidnapping of journalists and others who expose his relentless crime and dishonesty. This degenerate swine is now becoming a law unto himself it would seem

We spotted more recent lies from NZ’s most degenerate and corrupt judge today, as we researched that last story about the Canterbury DHB claiming there had been pedophilia allegations made against him

Check this out – the lying/ dishonest piece of crap that is Judge Kevin Phillips states on the court / public record below that he has never come across a case where someone has “bare face lied to a judge…….”


“Judge Phillips said the spiel in Alexandra was clearly premeditated.

”This is not something that he just thought up on the day … It looks like it was done in the cells at OCF,” he said.

”There was a deliberate lie to a district court judge. It strikes at the very heart of the process.”

Counsel Len Andersen said in researching the case, he had come up with nothing comparable.

Judge Phillips had also looked to higher court decisions for guidance in the sentencing hearing and had been stumped, too.

”I can’t find any authority where someone has bareface lied to a judge,” he said.

”There hasn’t been someone such as you who had the temerity to stand in front of a sentencing judge and shamelessly lie and lie and lie.” – Herald


Well how about that time you let Queenstown bouncer Simon Orpin stand in front of you on the witness stand and state around 10 times while under oath that he had “never left the bar door”, despite the fact that the assault upon which the matter centered was filmed OUTSIDE the bar door, with that same footage being played in the courtroom at the time, in fact around 10 times, with the inside footage also showing the bouncer clearly lunging out the door not once, but twice, the first time to jab the other man in the back, and the second time to pursue the man and start a fight – all of which was on camera and being played to judge Phillips at the time. (Videos below)

The bouncer even admitted then chasing the man (who had merely been defending himself from a corrupt, violent bouncer who had pushed him out a door for now reason) down the road, tackling him and then beating up with a few other bouncers. The corrupt judge Kevin Phillips continued with the assault charge against the man regardless, while also ignoring that fact that the bouncers original police statement had been twinked out, changed and re photocopied before being presented by the police. Phillips was also holding the hearing illegally to begin with as the man had requested the case be transferred to the Invercargill High Court, as was his legal right, as he could already see that judge Kevin Phillips and the Queenstown mafia were working together as one.

You really are a filthy low life piece of corrupt trash Kevin Phillips, and you will spend 20 years in an organic labour camp should the Republic take float – rest assured – with all the other corrupt swine like yourself. There will also be a full audit into your entire life’s earnings, expenditure and assets, to check for bribery payments from these rich listers you seem to be protecting down there. And you will be paying out compensation to all of those you have fkd over down there with your relentless dishonesty and failure to uphold the law. In fact possibly an investigation to see if you have any ties to the Head Hunters gang as well – it has long been alleged that you are running the mafia down there….

You represent all that is corrupt and ill with this Nation today – you are a poster boy of it – the crime, the filth the degradation. The Republic will use you as a case study for the corrupt swine who once usurped our justice system.  Well – you and Sian / Shawn Elias.

Judge Kevin Phillips is also known to stop and ask personal questions of his male victims after he has passed sentence – like some kind of creepy homosexual groomer, and again totally outside of the ethical rules of his job. Actually one wonders if he is another of these corrupt queers that litter the current political, media, corporate and legal landscape. Which could possibly also explain his apparent enthusiasm for pedophilia – in that he seems to frequently protect pedophiles in his courtroom. It cannot be ignored that NZ seems to have an avalanche of pedophilia cases and scandals these days – to go along with our new gay rights. It cant be ruled out that there is a direct link – and not least a direct link to these judges.

What the hell is going on in NZ when we have cross dressing judges trying to chat up their victims in the courtroom while protecting pedophile after pedophile, as well as allowing perjury in their courtrooms?

Has the NZ justice system turned into some kind of homosexual pedophile protection cult?

Allegations “….Queenstown Judge was a paedophile” – Canterbury DHB

First video shows the bouncer Simon Orpin approaching the man at the bar and then showing him to the door – before lunging out after him TWICE with his right fist raised…….

The bouncer claimed around 10 times under oath that he “never left the car door” – fruitloop Kevin Phillips then called him “an honest witness” and found in his favour……despite the bouncer testifying that he beat the man up a few minutes later down the road……..

Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?




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