The 7 Biggest Medical Industry Hoaxes – from AIDS to Anti Depressants


Featured Image –  Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) chief executive – David Meates.


In regards the words “corporate serial killer” which we attributed to David Meates yesterday – lets look at that phrase more closely.

The NZ DHB’s are privately owned corporations and the ministers the CEO’s of those corporations. You can confirm those details on the companies office website. This is called ‘corporate’.

These hell-th professionals treat cancer patients with chemotherapy, which kills everything and certainly kills a lot, if not most of the patients whom are subjected to it. Thousands of them. While the actual cancer cures are suppressed by these same serial killers.

Heart medications would be another one – shown to “increase the risk of death” ie) increase of deaths – and yet prescribed by these same serial killers as well

Same goes for anti depressants – one of their latest hoaxes – which actually state on the labels “may increase the risk of suicide” and teen suicides are now at their highest levels ever.

That is just 3 quick examples of how these corporate doctors are killing their patients with the wrong treatments, drugs and advice.

Actually it has been claimed that the entire leases on these serial killers’ high street medical centers are paid for by the same drug companies that they push upon us all. Resulting in thousands of ongoing and otherwise avoidable premature deaths.

The doctors are corporate serial killers. Probably bigger psychopaths than the MP’s, lawyers and judges.

Collectively they haven’t come up with anything that actually works since they stumbled across penicillin in the forest. That hasn’t stopped them murdering or otherwise killing 10’s of millions of people however. Never let such awkward truths get in the way of a good long profitable genocidal killing spree.

Below we detail a few of their biggest medi-kill hoaxes – from the HIV/ AIDS hoax to antidepressants, the fake Zika hoax, Swine Flu Hoax, Polio Hoax, Parkinsons hoax and on and on……..its a corporate death cult…..

Not sure if it is 7 – but has a nice ring to it….

But before we start – a quick message to help us all remember the Jewish holocaust….Lest We Forget……who is still running the show……



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