Trump’s Wall is for Keeping Americans In – Not Mexicans Out #TheyLive #TOS


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“You will know them by their lizard tongues, and hair dye….and gay sex” – King James RV

Trump supporters fall into two main categories – TV addicts who are as thick as pig shit (you are what you eat), and the lizard Nazi Zionists who are all in on the act and looking forward to their next State sanctioned genocide campaign, much as this same inbred gang did in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Communist China.

“The best way to control the opposition, is to lead it ourselves” – Lennon 

All of these ‘politicians’ are actors. Quite literally, actors. If not shape shifting snakes from the Pitt.

Trump + Pence – Trumpets – a Hebrew Biblical reference to the sounding of the trumpets in the book of Revelations. And there will be no shortage of idiots who follow Trump off the cliff, with the so called ‘Tribulation’ set to end around December 2019 according to the astrological experts (time = astrological procession).

Behind the scenes, and as per usual, the Demo-rats and Re-pedos are working together to collapse the USA, as they all escape back to Israel and Russia with their stolen loot, and they will argue as much as possible in public as they work together to shut down the US government, and build a wall – not to keep immigrants out, but to keep Amerikans in……..

Jacinda Ardern is part of the club also of course – so will be interesting to see what that witch has planned for NZ this year.  It will all be coordinated World wide – just like the fake elite-cons…….Our guess is the Israelis / Russians will simply switch off our Eftpos system and ATM’s, one night. Whatever it is – it will all be made to look an accident, with these same satanists posing as the saviours, most likely with microchips on offer for those who need to buy food and gas – which will be the entire communist/ social welfare army for starters.

It’s all one big act – and one big giant ‘global’ corporation. Which you are under no obligation to contract with, at all. It is a system designed for the incompetent………for grown ups who need nappies…..and a savior…..and this gang plan to take as many souls off to hell with them as they can. As they always have.

Check out the lizard tongues also – these screen prints from just the first minute. Pause as you view to see around 50 more in just this clip…

Anyone not pointing out the lizard/snake tongue thing by now, as well as Bible prophecy, is a half ass half truther…


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