Future PC Auckland – Satanic Logo #TOS


Featured Image – Future PC of Auckland logo – with the planet Saturn in plain sight. 

Somebody has sent this through…..

Check that out. Couldn’t be much more obvious could it. Hidden in plain sight.

future-pc-satan-saturn-logo-Nikolai Janetzke

The Future PC logo – an Auckland computer company founded by a German man by the name of Nikolai Janetzke – whom we have covered previously.

Check out the T Shirt also – now try tell us this guy doesn’t know what he is representing here……..

Nikolai’s father was from Germany and his younger brother boasts that he “helped round up the Jews”. Hallett has cliamed thousands of these German war criminals flooded into NZ after the war. As we have previously explained, Media Whores does not buy into the whole ‘gas chamber’ story, but it is interesting that these Germans are all still lying about that story – or simply do not know otherwise. That it was all a hoax. The German Nazis certainly did round up people and put them in camps though…..and many are said to have died in those camps, especially at the end of the war when the Nazis were running…and the Brits were still bombing, not least the supply chains. Media Whores has suggested that camps would be a good idea in NZ also – but we are not talking about Gypsies and street criminals, rather the doctors, lawyers, judges and MP’s – the serial killers of our society. And we have only suggested organic labour camps.

We have previously mentioned that Nikolai likes to make homosexual rape jokes when his ‘mates’ are crashed out the day after a party, and he is good mates with ‘Mason’, a redhead GHB king pin of Auckland and quasi homosexual computer programmer who has access to 44 gallon drums of the date rape drug GHB.

Nikolai had an ex girlfriend who topped herself while he was dating her apparently. Nikolai has since apparently gotten over his grief and is now back in the GHB party scene in Auckland, with Mason and the crew.

Media Whores is no fan of this German homosexual/ bi sexual / blue blood lizard invasion of New Zealand. Degrading our society and culture with their satanism.

Lest We Forget and all.

Our Nation is now swarming with them – in fact being run by psychotic serial killer Nazis – and depopulation is their agenda…..well, that and gay sex…..

Is David Clark MP the Josef Mengele of New Zealand?….#Vaxxed

Germany is the fkg engine room of this corporate New World Order. They helped set up Israel simply to manage the Middle East throughout this globalist takeover – and have been funding it ever since. (Russian Jews set up Israel – Germany and the USA have mostly funded it).

Fk them – they need to be exposed and flushed out. They can fk off back to Saturn or Transylvania or wherever the fk they come from.

Fk off Nazis. Fk off lizards. You are not welcome here, nor anywhere once you are exposed for what you are.



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