Joel McManus’ Child Sex / Pizza Gate Symbol Hidden in Plain Sight #TOS #PizzaGate


Featured Image – Joline McMananus sporting his colours of Satan/ Yahu, with an FBI Pizza Gate symbol hiding in plain sight

Only just noticed this

Just unbelievable really.

Which is of course why people have so much trouble seeing these snakes for what they are….

A small little Pizza Gate child sex symbol hiding there in plain sight. No doubt carefully placed

“Oh that’s just another coincidence!”

Do you really think it is a coincidence that this fruitloop has the purple and yellow colours of Satan/ Saturn carefully positioned in EVERY photo he publishes?

Take a look at this one for example – Joel has actually placed an iPad on top of that filing cabinet, with a full page of yellow on it – just to get the cryptic/ satanic symbol and colours in the shot…

The child sex symbol he has also displayed here means “Little Boy Lover”…..according to the FBI at least……and would seem to make sense……

Come on….

This is your Pizza Gate NZ folks – the transvestite sex activists, posing as the liberal media, while studying law no less.


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