Judge Death – Kevin Phillips


Featured Image – Judge Death, Kevin Phillips


Art imitating life?

Art imitating death perhaps?

Art imitating Media Whores?

Media Whores imitating art?

Or just the team at Google having a little bit more fun with their ‘advanced algorithm’ artificial intelligence search results?




Judge Death – the ethereal nemesis of Judge Dredd. Started life as a pretty quick doodle, figured ‘may as well paint it’ just for fun. As with all art, this is at a stage where I needed to complete (abandon) it or I would still keep spotting tweaks and going ad-infinitum until my brain melted.

Kevin phillips death v10 halfres

Life is a crime… Apparently.

Kevin phillips jd 01

Started out as a rough pencil sketch, scanned and just had fun painting the mouth… Started Helmet, but stopped because, eh…

Kevin phillips jd 02

…it was completely wrong. Drew in some guidelines and redrew the helmet to match a little better. Painted – dropped the rivet idea…

Kevin phillips jd 03

After a little discolouring, vignette and a small amount of Iris blur… Added a bit of ‘ethereal’ smoke and finished it up…





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