Southern Residents “Living in Fear” Due to Corrupt Judge Kevin Phillips & Sergeant Ian Collin


Featured Image – Judge Kevin Phillips – recently voted NZ’s most corrupt and degenerate judge


Media Whores has received reports of Southern residents “living in fear” due to the corrupt local judge Kevin Phillips and his corrupt side kick, Queenstown police prosecutor Sergeant Ian Collin…

“Hey mate – keep up the good work on Judge Kevin Phillips. The man is a complete dog. Protecting child sex offenders, even local police child sex offenders. We are still unsure who was filming the underage girls, and stealing their underwear,  it could have been the police prosecutor for all we know and he is still working down here. Sergeant Ian Collin was busted driving at around 150km an hour some time back, still has his job, he could have killed an entire family. Obviously no respect for the law he is paid by us to uphold. We have allegations from years back that Phillips is tied in with the local mafia and gangs. There was a case that was thrown out by Phillips involving gangs and drugs which you have missed, so how do we rule out that he is not working for them these days? Compromised. We have unexplained motor vehicle deaths, and the place is now flooded with these rich lister child abusers and even Peter Thiel now who is apparently into drinking childrens blood. All we have to protect us is this corrupt old sleazy judge, like you say, and his corrupt police prosecutor. How on Earth did we end up in this situation, with these degenerate old sleaze bags running the bloody justice system?!? That WE PAY FOR!. Another one you have missed, Phillips recently let a transgender model off for smashing a bottle over a local’s head at a bar, because a conviction could hurt her career! It is like some kind of violent homosexual death cult that are running down this way, with Judge Kevin Phillips at the reigns. Maybe its the same all over the place now, with chief justice Sian Elias married to an alleged serial child abuser, as you and Hallett have covered, but we do NOT feel safe down here with this clown running the show. Many of us are hoping he will  hurry up and choke on his lies and slobber one day as you say. We are living in fear down here.” (Name withheld for fear of repercussions) 

Yeah – you can add the Queenstown Court manager Margaret McSweeney to that list also – totally corrupt and hiding behind the curtain.

And that Sergeant Ian Collin has been reported to be using witness statements that have been photocopied and twinked out, as well as holding court hearings in his own honor – with no judge present – at which he tries to bully the accused to change their pleas to guilty, so as to help cover up his own corruption. That man is low life filth also. Any cop who’s beer belly won’t stay inside his belt needs a kick up the backside to start with.

It’s a mafia operation they are running down there now – which seems to be based around drugs and child sex – and local lawyer turned ‘judge’ Kevin Phillips appears to have made it all possible over the years with his relentless lawlessness and corruption.

We have allegations that chief Justice Sian Elias is protecting violent criminals and murderers simply because they were buggered by her husband in their youth…..and now we see Judge Kevin Phillips apparently protecting violent teens and transgender models…..which you have to admit, does not look good does it?

The theory by Hallett is that some of these judges are raping young local boys so as to help create more crime for their own careers and ‘industry’….and until such claims are actually investigated, it is impossible to know how many judges are involved in the practice

Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

Well hang tight mate – if we can get this Republic over the line – a team will be deployed down there immediately to round up Phillips, Collin, McSweeney and their gang, as well as Kim DotSlob and Peter Thiel, to detain them in an organic labour camp to await trial. Peace and justice will be restored sooner or later. Across the whole Nation. There must be a turning point at some stage in which we start rounding up and arresting this corrupt lawless mob and hold them to account for their crimes……

One thing is for sure – judge Kevin Phillips will go down as one of the most corrupt, lawless b’tards in our short post colonial history….and a case study on judicial failure and corruption in a so called democracy……..

Is Kim Dotcom Running the Entire New Zealand Justice System?




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