The Jews and the Rebuilding of their False Idol Temple – Adam Green



The Jews and their new Temple

Where they apparently plan to hold blood sacrifice rituals, in direct contradiction to the actual Noahide Laws they say they plan to rule by – the number one law being Do No Kill. More recently edited to Do Not Murder, to make life more bearable for the brain dead Zionist Christians, and the blood thirsty Jews who mind control them, and lend them their money, and who can’t read too good, and so are instead guided by the TV’s, programmed from Tel Aviv….


It beggars belief how all of these frauds ignore the actual law, while busily throwing prophecy around at each other.

The most obvious fraud of all of these ‘info war’ leaders, is quite simply that ‘God’ will decide whom who chooses. Not those who are choosing themselves. Surely we can all figure that much out.

This is ALL Saturn worship, eL, the Lord, ‘God’, Dog etc – not worship of the Creator, who simply asks that you stop ‘drinking blood’ and killing everything around you.

If Jutube is blocking that first video below – the title is “The Jerusalem Conspiracy” by Adam Green/ Know More News. Its very good.






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